Transport of dangerous goods

CSG Logistik transports your dangerous goods with trained and experienced personnel. If you only ship dangerous goods rarely and in small quantities, it is particularly useful to delegate these tasks because it saves you and your employees time-consuming training.

Our employees are trained according to IATA regulations for dangerous goods/ dangerous goods transports for the national and international goods dispatch (IATA PK1, IATA PK6) and ADR according to GGVSE (dangerous goods regulation road railway).

Transport of dangerous goods

CSG Logistik offers the right packaging for various dangerous goods:

  • Dangerous goods packaging
  • Dangerous goods boxes
  • Fibre-reinforced plastic adhesive tape
  • Polystyrene container for dry ice
  • Polystyrene containers for special transports and different sizes

CSG Logistics takes care of your dangerous goods and refrigerated cargo according to the applicable regulations.

Reliable. Professional. Flexible.

Selected transport services of dangerous goods and dry ice cargoes by CSG Logistik:

  • Diagnostic Specimens
  • Clinical Specimens
  • Biological samples (Biological Substance, Category B)
  • Refrigerated shipments
  • Dry ice: (dry ice procurement, dry ice shipping national, dry ice shipping international, to neighbouring countries, for example Belgium, Switzerland, Netherlands, Austria)

Transportation of dry ice

Dry ice gives us the opportunity to ship chilled goods. Dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide CO2. At temperatures below -78.48 degrees Celsius, the carbon dioxide remains in the solid state. When the temperature rises, the carbon dioxide changes to the gaseous state. The gas can be harmful to health in high concentrations.

To prevent heating, transport should take place in well-insulated containers. The containers should not be hermetically sealed to avoid  high gas pressures. Also, transport vehicles and storage rooms should be ventilated. If shipped by air, dry ice must be labeled as Dangerous Goods.
It should therefore be noted that these special features need to be taken into consideration during transport.

Transport of laboratory samples

CSG Logistik is your reliable partner for the shipment and transport of refrigerated goods. This includes dry transport with polystyrene boxes, tempered laboratory samples, medical and diagnostic samples. These include the dry ice procurement in the Federal territory and the dry ice delivery with boxes at the destinations and the further transport to the recipient.

Our dry ice freight overnight transports can be made with appointment options and also by direct transport with a courier. We are happy to provide you with individual polystyrene boxes and dry ice for transport.


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