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We are exclusively liable according to the latest edition of General German Carrier Conditions. (ADSp).


Transport insurance or higher insurance can be covered at any time. Please contact our dispatcher.


• Acrobat Reader
• ADSp (PDF-Datei)
• Frachtbrief (PDF-Datei)

General German carrier conditions

We work as a courier service exclusively in accordance with the latest edition of General German Carrier Conditions (ADSp 2017). Here you can download the ADSp (PDF file).

fuel surcharge

on national shipping prices from 01.08.2008

Dear customers,

Unfortunately, we have to charge a fuel surcharge of 9.5% on our national shipping prices as of 01.08.2008.

The diesel price development of recent months has also left its mark on us. So far we have been able to offset the increased fuel prices. Our ability to absorb higher diesel prices has now been exhausted.

We are forced to pass on the current diesel price increases of the oil companies through a fuel surcharge on our transport and shipping prices. This step is not easy for us and we regret this current process. The deciding factor is the development on the international oil markets. An end to this trend is currently not in sight.

Thank you for your understanding.
Jens Grützmacher

island delivery

For the national delivery of shipments to the North Sea and Baltic Sea Islands we charge a surcharge of 35 EUR per shipment. Please note that we can not give a time guarantee for island deliveries.

Trade fair Surcharge

This supplement is charged for transport to a trade fair, as deliveries to a trade fair site may only be made by the respective exhibition forwarding agents.


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