Warehousing and packaging

With our warehousing options, we provide our customers with optimal solutions for storing, packing and shipping goods.


CSG Logistik offers storage space, stores your goods and delivers them to your customers on your desired dates. Our service portfolio is ideally tailored to store IT hardware, healthcare, utilities and telecommunication industries products.

Furthermore, we store your pharmaceutical and medical equipment or equipment and accessories.

CSG logistics saves you the effort of having your own warehouse. We have high availability warehouses, small parts warehouses and palleted goods warehouses.

A storage with 24hr availability is possible. You will receive a hotline number, which is set up for your personal use, so you can use this service. Available 24/7 365 days a year and you are not bound to fixed office hours.
So we are always available for you and around the clock able to deliver your IT components, spare parts or accessories on the shortest route to their destination. Or we have shipments ready for your service technicians.

Our warehousing offers you several benefits:

  • Alarm protection and video surveillance
  • High flexibility
  • GPS tracking during transport
  • Customized concepts
  • Booking in foreign systems, e.g. SAP
  • inventories
  • 24/7 - 365 days - access via hotline
  • Personal delivery nationwide and throughout Europe
  • Delivery by overnight
  • 24/7 availability of stored goods
  • Picking and packaging

CSG Logistik tailors your storage to your individual wishes.


CSG Logistik also handles the professional packaging for you. This takes away the burden of packaging on your staff, especially at peak times when your personnel can be caring for your core business.

Are you looking for suitable packaging for your goods? We advise you and ensure you are using the appropriate packaging, whether cardboard or polystyrene.

For normal freight or dangerous goods transport.

As general cargo, parcel or pallet shipping.

As a refrigerated consignment, dry ice shipment or frozen consignment.

For diagnostic specimens.

For clinical specimens.

For biological samples -(Biological Substance, Category B)

CSG Logistics offers you a wide range of packaging:

  • dangerous goods packaging
  • Dangerous goods boxes
  • UN packaging
  • UN packaging 4G,
  • 4G / X12 / S / 05 / A / PA-02/4133-KAY
  • 4G / Y20 / S / 05 / A / PA-02/4133-KAY
  • 4G / Z30 / S / 05 / A / PA-02/4133-KAY
  • Fiber-reinforced plastic adhesive tape
  • Polystyrene container for dry ice
  • Polystyrene containers in different sizes for special transports.

The employees of CSG Logistics are trained according to IATA regulations (IATA PK1, IATA PK6). They can give you professional advice and help you to procure suitable packaging.


In addition to packaging, we also take over the picking for you. We assemble the desired deliveries for you, pack and label them and send them to the desired address.
You simply do not have to worry about your goods, warehousing and deliveries anymore and you can focus on your daily business.


Selected services in the field of warehousing / warehousing and packaging by CSG Logistics:

  • Storage of diagnostic specimens
  • Storage of clinical specimens
  • Storage of biological substance, Category B
  • Storage of refrigerated consignments
  • Storage of cooled samples
  • Storage of frozen consignments
  • Storage of dry ice (dry ice shipping, dry ice shipping national, dry ice shipping Germany-wide, dry ice shipping international)
  • Packaging of diagnostic specimens
  • Packaging of clinical specimens
  • Packaging of biological substance, Category B)
  • Packaging of refrigerated consignments
  • Packaging of refrigerated samples
  • Packaging of frozen goods
  • Packaging of dry ice (dry ice shipping, dry ice shipping national, dry ice shipping Germany-wide, dry ice shipping international)
  • Picking of diagnostic specimens
  • Picking clinical specimens
  • Picking biological substance, Category B
  • Picking of refrigerated consignments
  • Picking of cooled samples
  • Picking of frozen consignments
  • Dry ice picking (dry ice shipping, dry ice shipping national, dry ice shipping in Germany, dry ice shipping international)


Any questions?

Give us a call! Our trained staff are always at your disposal.


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